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We are your Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Specialists

Serving the Bothell Community and surrounding areas. 


What Makes Us Different

We are not your typical chiropractic clinic – We specialize in the Blair Upper Cervical Technique.
This technique was created as a means to redefine the practice of chiropractic
in a way that treats structural problems instead of just symptoms.
This allows you to have long-term results instead of just temporary relief.

Our Chiropractors have a deep understanding of what causes the body to stray
out of a healthy balance and have been helping people just like you get
back to feeling like themselves again quickly.


Come in and experience a
comprehensive in-depth appointment
to get to the bottom of things.


Follow your personalized treatment plan.
Relief is right around the corner.


Feel like yourself again and get back
to the things you love.


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Follow Your Plan

Follow your specialized plan and
begin to feel better soon.

Enjoy Your Health

With our guidance and your follow-through,
you will experience optimal health.

  “Vertigo? Dizzy? I was!! For 4 1/2 months!
I was feeling pretty discouraged and
tired of all the Meclizine that my
family doctor recommended. A friend
suggested Dr. Cotten and I was willing
to give her a try…with no great expectations…and WOW!!!
1 TREATMENT and I was cured.”


 “My son stopped napping, would wake up crying multiple times a night, and grew gradually fussier when he wasn’t in one of the usual sleep regression stages.  I was at a loss of what else to do given usual sleep training interventions were no longer working, and remembered Dr. Cotten had adjusted a toddler once when I was there. 
I asked if she could provide care for my son. 
His neck and hips were both out.  Immediately after, he fell asleep in the car and napped for 3 hours straight. Now, we come in for care any time he starts demonstrating unusual sleep behavior, and it usually does the trick so he can get the rest he needs to grow and learn.”


   “After a couple visits, I noticed extra movement without pain. After only a
few weeks I am back to normal with
extra energy and more movement
than before the wreck.”

Patient names withheld for privacy

What If You Didn’t Make Your Appointment Today?

What will you miss if you continue
on the way you are?

What if you do nothing and
you get worse?

How much longer can you put your health on the backburner?

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