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Dr. Cotten

Dr. Cotten was destined to be a Chiropractor. Her passion and commitment to chiropractic treatment stems from chronic ailments that she has encountered since an early age. Severe ear infections and asthma were her childhood companions. As a young child, Dr. Cotten was forced to give up on her favorite activities due to ailments and that was just the tip of the iceberg. As she grew up, in addition to her existing chronic ailments, she encountered severe headaches that further deteriorated the quality of her life. Pain, inhalers, and antibiotics were constant parts of her life. 

Despite receiving medical treatment for her conditions, she was robbed of a happy and content childhood and adolescence. Coincidentally, it was a car accident that put Dr. Cotten on the path to healing and becoming a chiropractor. She got into a car accident and her injuries eventually led her to chiropractic care. That’s when things took a turn for the better!

Dr. Cotten believes that identifying the body’s unique needs is what will solve the puzzle, re-balance the body’s systems, and restore one’s health. Therefore, through her experience in chiropractic, she put the pieces together and created the UC score to identify the underlying cause of illnesses. The score evaluates 3 main areas.


Musculoskeletal System

Nervous System

The results help determine if and how Upper Cervical Chiropractic can help you. It can change your life by revealing the path forward for restoring your health. If you are curious about whether chiropractic is a good option for you, schedule your first appointment for free to learn more! It’s time you take your first step towards a healthier life and let Elite Chiropractic NW lead the way!

Dr. Zent

Dr. Jared Zent’s true journey to better health began over halfway through his chiropractic schooling. He had already discovered he was meant to pursue natural healing arts after deciding against a career as a medical doctor. From his experiences volunteering at a free medical clinic and preparing himself for med school he soon realized he wanted to help people without using drugs or surgery. Shortly after, he enrolled at Parker University and started on the road to being a chiropractor.

          During this stressful time Dr. Zent suffered heavily from anxiety and fatigue despite being under regular chiropractic care for the first two years of his schooling. There were many days where he could not even get out of bed in the morning, and he was missing even the activities he enjoyed like volleyball and spending time with friends. It wasn’t until a fellow student, now a close friend, got him to try upper cervical specific care did start to see the difference. Very quickly he started to notice a massive improvement in his symptoms, and he has since been able to meet each day with energy and a renewed purpose. Now as a Blair upper cervical practitioner he looks to serve the Bothell community and surrounding areas with the goal of turning his story into just one of the many his patients will have on their journeys to better health.


Angela was born in California and raised in Texas where her entire family still currently lives. She once visited Seattle on a work trip and instantly fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. She immediately made plans to move here with her husband, 2 basset hounds and cat. They packed their things, sold their home, and made the long trip to Washington!

Angela joined the Elite Chiropractic team in August of 2020 as the Office Manager. She is new to the practice of chiropractic, but she is “loving the work and team of people. Everyone is dedicated to their role in ensuring every patient feels valued and gets healthier.”

When Angela is not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, attending concerts, and going camping. She is also a “voracious reader and self proclaimed tea snob.”
Another fun fact about Angela is that she loves to play games of all types (video, console and table top).  

Dr. Debbie Cotten

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